Tuesday, April 22, 2014

My Fantastic Interview With Mireya!

Hi it's me again Melody in The Class Of 2025. The Class Of 2025 interviews by using an aipp called Skype. Skype Is a app that you can talk face to face with. I like the app because you can see who you are talking to. 
This is my 11th person interviewing her name is Mireya. She went to the Art Center Of Design in Pasadena, California. She lives in a apartment in Brooklyn, New York. She works in her apartment. Mireya works with photographes. She taught us what's the difference between art and a graphic designer.  She got her Bachelors in Fine Arts and Prelaw. She is happy with her job but if she had another choice she will be a lawyer. In fact she, onced work with Loco Legos.  For Mireya there are 2 parts of her job Design and business. Mireya said some people call it visualize communication. She said teachers were important to her. Mireya likes to write on paper. She works on many types of projects she says. Mireya has worked on digital. Mireya also said when a client comes to her there is either a problem or complaint. Mireya has a black cat in her apartment. Mireya also said they have a book to entertain 5th graders to their careers. She thinks to herself how is it going to look like. On the other hand she said she probably will make the paper colorful. For now she works as an graphic designer. In conclusion she says she would stay with the job she have now. Stay tuned for more thanks for reading my blog!

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Interview With The Co-Founder Of Educreations!

This is the 10th person I had interviewed. His name is Chris. He had made things with Legos when he was little. He earned his degree in Computer Science. His career is co-founder of Educreations. He was inspired by his 6th grade teacher Mr. Peach. He went to the University of California at Berkeley. His idea for Educreations started while he worked at a computer company, and he and his friend wanted to do something more interesting. Educreations is a place where anyone can create lessons. He gets his feedbacks by students and teachers. They are working on improving so you can come back and edit it. His company believes that you should enjoy where you work. He said Khan Academy had inspired him to make Educreations. He lives in California. He said computer programming is just another language and it helps you learn more.  Computer coding helps you with your math. Stay tune for more

Starting New Careers With Elizaebth!

Hi my name is Melody! I am in Class Of 2025! This is my 5th person interviewing. She lives in New York City. She also work in New York City.  She works at Christian Cota. She also said that she was so excited to get her job to the point she knock over a table. She is also excited because she is getting a new job on Wednesday for adult problems. She is also coming to see my teacher this weekend. She also earned a degree for Fashion Design and Costume  Construction Technolgy. Her careers are Excutive Manager of PR and Business Develope at Christian Cota. She said she likes to work as ateam because if she don't know how to do something. I can't wait to interview someone with careers they have!

Strategizing With Myron!!!

Hi my name is Melody I am in Class Of 2025! This is my 4th person interviewing! He gave my class a really good advice. When he was a little boy he made things with Legos whatever he see something like: milk cartins he made buildings. His advice for my classroom is decide what you want to be when you grow up. Then share that with someone you trust. Finally get support from as many people as possible. He used to go to MSU. His sister went to MSU with him too. He said his mom had him to take care of his sister while she was at college with him. He said his mom encourage them to go to High school,College to. He have 2 jobs his 2 jobs he work for is a fitness,and a construction manager. He said he likes working with 2 jobs.  I can't wait till I interview another person!

Startigizing with Leigh careers!!

Hi my name is Melody I am in Class Of 2025! This is my 3rd person interviewing! Leigh said that it's okay to be afraid. She also said that it was hard for her to chose what job she wanted. She also said that her farther retired and now she is working for him at Real Estate Broker. I also heard that when she was 13 she got a hay truck,she also said that she lived in Charlotte,North Carolina. She used to go to UNC college,she worked at a farm equipment. She went to try for music but that didn't work out. She is now at Real Estate Brooker the job her dad had before he retired. She worked with kids at her church using the piano. She tested out her 4 jobs before she went to this one. She did not like them so she stick with job she have now. She also gave me advice for my Class Of 2025. She was a babysitter,musician but that did not work out she liked babysitting because it teaches her about kids. And how to handle kids when she was babysitting she babysit 13or younger even babies. Thank you for giving us information about you! Thanks for the advice! Stay tuned for more!

My college goal I pick!

I believe in myself! My college name I chose is Mimi RedHawks. My college location is Oxford,Ohio. My college degree is a biology.  My career is a family doctor. I chose my college because I get to met new friends every time I go to college,they seem like they have really cool basketball teams,and cool soccer games. The reason why I chose my career is because I love kids and their parents is kind to me they are not mean Obviously they like kids because they have them. So do I love kids. Kids is my strong point. I don't just let kids Starve. That is why I love kids especially little kids that is in their months. Hopefully my dreams come true.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Fantastic Interview With Samantha!

This week we continued We've Got Our i's On Careers" project. Today I interviewed Samantha.When she was a little girl she was good at math and science that's why she chose to be a pharmacist. Samantha works as a pharmacist at St. Mary's Hospital. She went to SIUE (Southern Illinois University Edwardsville). She earned her Doctor Of Pharmacy degree. She have degrees in Biology and Medical Science. She live in Decatur IL and her type of degree is a Graduate Degree. She had to take specific classes in biology and Pharmacy School. She take orders from Doctors and Nurses. She is like a safety officer. She give her patients the right medicine so they can be healthy. She tells the nurses the safe mixture of different types of medicine. She have to double check her work.  She work as a team with another Pharmacist. There are two types of pharmacists retail and hospital.  She worked at Target  before she became a Pharmacist. She misses talking to her patients.  All medication in the hospital is her responsibility. She works the evening shift because the hospital is open 24 hours a day. Her first job of the day is to check and make sure the medicine that the technicians  is correct.  She needs to remember to stay calm so she doesn't makes  mistakes. She is a pharmacist of two areas. She said she knows nurses. I learned some new things,and I hope you learned new things to.